Evaluation Report

Spoiled for Choice & Sound Reasoning (Monday & Tuesday, 22/23 September 2014)

The following report has been produced from 89 completed responses.

1. Did you receive adequate notification of your place on the programme?
1b. Did you receive adequate pre-programme information if applicable?
2. Did the course meet the stated objectives?
3. Was the course length appropriate to cover the subject?
4. How would you rate the tutor(s)?
4b. Please give a reason for this rating:
5. How applicable was this programme to your job role?
6. Please state the two most valuable things you learnt.
7. Please indicate how you intend to use the learning and development to improve your practice/service delivery.
If Other:
8. Please make two suggestions that will improve the programme.
9. Have you identified any further learning and development needs as a result of attending this course?
If Yes, Which areas?
11a. What is your overall assessment of this programme?
11b. Would you reccommend this programme?
If No, please detail why:
12. Any further comments?